Monday, September 6, 2010


1.To determine the focal length of convex lens by shift method & radii of curvature by Boy's                 
   method& refractive index of convex lens at least 4 trials 
2.To Verify Ohm’s law and the law of combination of resistors in parallel method[at least 4 trials]
3. Determine the resistivity of the material of the given wire using meter bridge (At least 4 trials for
    finding resistance).Length of the wire = 1.5 mtr
4.Determine the temperature coefficient of resistance of the thermistor using a meter bridge.
   [ at  least 4 trials]
5.Determine the current sensitivity of the given pointer galvanometer .Take at least three sets
6. Determine the self-inductance of the given coil by direct method. Take at least three sets of
    readings. Frequency of AC = 50 Hz
7. Determine “ BH “ at the given place using tangent galvanometer. Take at least three sets 
    of readings. Circumference of the TG coil = 50 Cm.
8. Determine the specific heat of the given liquid by electrical method. specific heat of the material
    of the calorimeter c=385J/kg-k.
9. Draw the characteristics of the given semi-conductor diode and calculate its forward 
    resistanc & Knee voltage.
10.To convert galvanometer into a voltmeter of given range .sensitivity of the galvanometer=1.5x
     10 –5A/div The Resistance of galvanometer = 95Ω Voltmeter range = 2 Volts
11.To determine the internal resistance of a cell using potentiometer at least 4 trials.
12 To determine dispersive power of material of a prism for blue &green colour using spectometer.
     Angle of prism a =60degree


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