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II PUC Biology - Important 5 MARK Questions

If you are an average student, just listen. There are about 140 five mark questions in biology including practicals!
Thank God; you need not to study all these 140 questions to score a first class, not even 40 questions.
Here is ‘6 SETS’ of five mark questions. One of the questions from each SET will appear in the board exam. If you
study following 30 questions, I promise you 30 MARKS.
I have been achieving cent percent results in the three years of my service. I hope my promise will become true,
don’t forget to remember me in the exam hall!

SET -1
1. Transpiration Pull Theory with one merit and Demerit
2. Stewards starch hydrolysis theory with merit and demerit
3. Potassium Pump theory by Levitt
4. Munch’ s mass flow hypothesis with merits and demerits ( translocation of solutes)
Study above 4 Theories .You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

Schematic representation of:
1. Cyclic photophosphorylation
2. Non cyclic photophosphorylation /Z-scheme
3. Calvin Cycle or C-3 cycle/ dark reaction
4. Gycolysis /EMP pathway
5. Krebs’s cycle/citric acid cycle/TCA cycle
Study above 5 Schematic representations. You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

SET – 3
1. V.S of human Heart
2. Structure of human respiratory system
3. Structure of Nephron/ Uriniferous tubule
4. Sagittal section of human brain
Study above 4 Diagrams .You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

SET- 4
1. Spermatogenesis with scheme
2. Ultra structure of human sperm
3. Oogenesis with scheme
4. Generalized structure of ovum
5. Mechanism of fertilization with diagrams
6. Cleavage in frog egg with sketches
Study above 6 descriptions (all are easy to study) .You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

SET- 5
Practical questions from botany
1. Dicot stem T.S
2. Monocot Stem T.S
3. Dicot Root T.S
4. Monocot Root T.S
5. Dicot Leaf (Dorsiventral Leaf) T.S
6. Monocot Leaf (Isobilateral Leaf) T.S
Study above 6 Diagrams .You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

SET – 6
Practical questions from zoology
1. Myelinated neuron
2. T.S of small intestine
3. Structure of graafian follicle
4. T.S of mammalian testis
5. Areolar tissue
Study above 5 Diagrams .You score 5 MARKS! (100% sure)

Most possible Questions
Here are sets of other most possible five mark questions (easy to study).

1. Mendel’s dihybrid cross experiment
2. Incomplete dominance in mirabilis jalapa
3. Multiple allelism – ABO blood group
4. Inheritance of colour blindness/haemophilia
    Study above 4 questions .You score 5 MARKS! (90% sure)

SET -2
1. Physiology of digestion of proteins
2. Physiology of digestion of carbohydrates
3. Mechanism of working of human heart
4. Origin and conduction of heart beat
5. Transport of carbon dioxide in blood
6. Physiology of urine formation
7. Hormones secreted by neurohypophysis of pituitary.
Study above 7 questions .You score 5 MARKS! (90% sure)

1. Structure of phloem with diagram
2. Intrastelar secondary growth in dicot stem
3. Extra stelar growth in dicot stem
4. Types of xylem vessels with diagram
5. Types of meristem based on position
Study above 5 questions .You score 5 MARKS! (90% sure)


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